6 thoughts on “PAGE 20

  1. I’m not sure how long Kagome & Inuyasha waited to have kids. I can see them holding off for a bit of time.

    I mean logically, she could have brought about two years worth of birth control without it expiring. I could see her keeping an emergency bag of items to take back if she was trying to figure out a way earlier to go back.

    But considering the lack of medical advances, I would think it might be safer to give into hormones after she finally came back through, as she would be old enough after (frankly a spinster in feudel era) to successfully have kids right away.

    I think it all depended on when Inuyasha manned up to ask her to marry/mate for life. I also think they might have extended a courting phase while onapprenticeship considering meddleing Kaede. (Laugh)


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